Wednesday, October 11, 2017

See All That's New at the 2017 PEI at the NACS Show

There will be a lot to take in during the 2017 PEI at the NACS Show in Chicago. Husky Corporation will be on hand at McCormick Place, Booth 4301.

Here's a really short video that gives you an idea of what to expect at the show. 

Sorry that the "click on this ad" feature isn't active in this blog post. But you can still contact Husky directly to get more information at 800-325-3558 or at

Be sure to see Husky’s new line of automatic shut-off fuel nozzles with pressure activation AND hold-open latches for retail, farm & commercial or high volume operations that need to meet updated safety standards. 

Benecor will showcase new retail DEF dispensers that display Point-of-Purchase (POP) messages. You will also be able to sample Husky’s new oil and stain remover Oil Baron.

We hope you'll join use in Chicago for what promised to be a great PEI at the NACS show this year!

Friday, October 6, 2017

Enhanced Safety Features Allow the Return of Hold-Open Clips for Many Fuel Nozzle Applications

After 2015 when UL introduced updates to safety standards for fuel nozzles, many nozzles had a hold-open clip on them but were not pressure-activated. But when UL 2586 took effect, those nozzles were not in compliance with safety standards. Some think the change affected 30 percent of fueling applications.

"When UL introduced safety standard 2586, if you didn't have a pressure-activated nozzle, you could not have a hold open clip," said Jerry Mahn, Husky Corporation Mechanical Engineer.

Mahn was on the Husky engineering team that set out to develop a solution to that problem for the many affected retail, farm and commercial, and high volume applications. They came up with what Husky calls internally its 3-in-1 line of fuel nozzles. Husky modified one of its established nozzle platforms with new components, new castings and a pressure-activation feature that permits the use of hold-open clips in order to comply with UL 2586.

"It's a lot safer. You cannot open the main poppet valve until there's pressure supplied from the dispenser. That's a big deal for safety at retail sites," Mahn said. "And now farmers with this nozzle can use the hold-open clip, put the nozzle in the tank and walk away rather than standing there until the tank is full."

The nozzles are available in these categories:
  • 1AS – Pressure activated, automatic shut-off nozzle for full-service and self-service stations
  • 1GSS – Pressure activated, automatic shut-off nozzle for farm, 12V skid tanks, and commercial applications with multiple users
    • Note: Farm and commercial applications that involve only one user do not require UL-certified nozzles. Contact Husky for more information and pricing.
  • 1HSS – Pressure activated, automatic shut-off nozzle for truck and high-volume applications
The Husky 3-in1 line is unique for the fueling market. Get more information about these safe and economical nozzles by contacting the company's customer service department at 800 -325-3558.