Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Husky’s Complete DEF Product Line Includes Dispensing Hose

The Diesel Exhaust Fluid market continues to grow rapidly across the United States, with increasing numbers of outlets gearing up to dispense DEF.  That’s why Husky Corporation has created a full line of products to meet the unique demands DEF presents for safe dispensing. Husky offers dispensing hoses for Diesel Exhaust Fluid to complement its line of DEF nozzles, spouts, swivels, adapters and Safe-T-Breaks. That is on top of the company’s strategic alliance with industry leader Benecor, which has been part of the DEF industry from the beginning, to meet any dispensing and storage system application customers may encounter.

DEF Hose Designed for Durability and Flexibility

Diesel Exhaust Fluid must be dispensed to a diesel-powered engine into an onboard tank separate from the vehicle’s fuel tank. DEF is a urea and water-based solution sprayed into the exhaust of modern diesel engines to convert smog-forming nitrogen oxide into harmless water and nitrogen. DEF is sensitive to temperature changes and requires unique components for safe handling. For example, Engineers at Parker Hannifin Corporation designed Husky's DEF hose tube and cover with black customized peroxide-cured EPDM, an extremely durable synthetic rubber that will avoid DEF contamination. Other features of Husky DEF dispensing hose include:

  •          Brass external crimp ferrule
  •          Recommended for electric pumps or dispensers
  •          Supplied without static wire
  •          Engineered for dispensing DEF where UL approval is not required
  •          Inspected for pressure up to 50 psi 

Growing Market for DEF

More engines that require the use of DEF are expected to come into use over the next several years. In addition to diesel engines on heavy trucks and buses, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mandate to reduce nitrogen oxide from diesel exhaust also applies to off-road diesel engines including all agricultural and heavy construction equipment.  Get pricing information for all Husky and Benecor DEF products at 800-325-3558 or sales@husky.com

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Seeing is Believing

A little creativity goes a long way toward making operations more efficient. Take businesses that dispense liquids from horizontal 55 gallon drums for example.  Many gauges that have been on the market for years have short comings, like being somewhat awkward to install or re-install when the drum is empty. And even the liquid level can be difficult to read unless you are at a certain vantage point.

Seasee Drum Gauge

Engineers at BJE view these issues as more than minor annoyances. So they designed a better 55 gallon drum gauge. Seasee is crafted with a zinc-plated aluminum faucet that contains a quick-disconnect fitting. The fluid level tube, which is visible from any angle, can be quickly removed. Then the faucet can be easily taken out of the drum’s three-quarter inch NPT bung fitting.

Quick as a Whistle

“We recognized that other horizontal drum gauges on the market come in one cumbersome component. They are difficult to install. And they don’t provide adequate liquid-level visibility from all angles. Seasee has a straightforward and simple design that solves those problems,” said Roger Wiersma, BJE® Product Engineer.

Seasee is compatible with oil, waste oil, diesel fuel, antifreeze, water and other fluids stored in 55 gallon drums that are non-caustic and have low flash points. Automotive service, agriculture, and chemical customers will benefit from the features built into the Seasee Horizontal Tank Gauge. Check out the web page for a closer look. http://www.husky.com/bje/gauges/seasee-drum-gauge/

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Time-Tested Standard for Fueling and Defueling Aircraft

JacRiser platforms that refuel commercial aircraft require top performance and reliability to meet the demands of unrelenting schedules. A key component is the hose that connects the moving platform to an aircraft fueling vehicle. Aviation ground fuel handlers need a durable hose that is easy to bend, install, and handle through tens of thousands of cycles.

Hewitt 5500 JacRiser: Fueling/Defueling Hose

Hewitt offers a state-of-the art solution to carry aviation fuel to these movable service platforms and lift decks. The 5500 Premium JacRiser meets the challenge with unmatched strength and flexibility, passing tests that replicated more than 124,000 cycles. Other JacRiser hose models fail at just 64,000 cycles of the same test. It also an option for other applications where flexible hose is needed to load or unload petroleum products.

The key is high quality construction that includes a black nitrile synthetic rubber tube and neoprene static dissipating/static conductive synthetic rubber cover. Hewitt's 5500 Premium JacRiser is reinforced with spiral-plied synthetic fiber and a nylon breaker with dual wire helix construction.

Hewitt 5500 JacRiser hose is available in two, three, and four inch diameters. It can be used with jet fuel, Avgas, or any other petroleum product and can be used at fuel farms and docks where high volume operations demand a hose that is rugged, reliable and flexible. Hewitt 5500 JacRiser is also suitable for full vacuum services.

Regardless of the application, it is always good practice to routinely inspect aviation fueling hose assemblies to assure continued safe operation. Contact Hewitt, a division of Husky Corporation, for assistance with aviation fueling products and services.

Monday, July 6, 2015

A Better Option for Business Aircraft Fueling

The skies are busy over the United States. The U.S. Department of Transportation counted nearly 210,000 general aviation aircraft in the U.S. as of 2012. Keeping the fleet supplied with fuel and in the air requires top flight equipment, as airport managers and FBO’s know only too well.

That’s where a fueling nozzle like Eagle from Hewitt fits neatly. This over-the-wing aviation nozzle is engineered for the needs of small to medium sized business airplanes and helicopters. Eagle combines features that make aircraft refueling both simple and reliable. It’s a heavy duty nozzle with a stainless steel shaft and fasteners and a rugged handle guard. Yet Eagle weighs just five pounds and has built in flexibility for a variety of fueling situations.

Eagle Aviation Nozzle
Fingertip-sensitive control helps control the flow of fuel into the aircraft. Eagle has a built-in automatic shut-off mechanism as well.  Other flexible features include:

·         Quick-change swiveling spout design to accommodate two nozzle options
o   Duck Bill spout for jet fuel
o   1 ½” round spout for either jet fuel or AvGas.
·         Black handles for Jet fuel and Red handles for AvGas are available. 

All Eagle components are fully serviceable, easily accessed and 100 percent made in USA.  The five year limited warranty will provide peace of mind for continuous safe operation. Learn more about this aviation nozzle solution by contacting Hewitt at 800-325-3558. http://www.husky.com/hewitt/aviation-fueling-nozzles/eagle/