Monday, October 19, 2015

Low Permation Fuel Hose: Another Tool to Control Air Pollution

One source of pollution that may not come readily to mind is fuel hose at gasoline dispensing facilities. Believe it or not, gasoline can get through the walls of the hose and into the atmosphere. That is a called permeation, which in this case is the diffusion of gasoline through the solid wall of the hose.

Ohio and California Have Low Permeation Fuel Hose Requirements

And believe it or not, the permeation rates in fuel hoses vary a great deal. A hose rated at SAE 30R6 can permeate at a rate up to 600 grams per square meter per day (at 23 degrees centigrade). But a hose that is classified as "low permeation" according to UL standard 330 permeates at NO MORE than 10 grams per square meter per day (and that's when tested at 38 degrees centigrade).

There are currently two states in the U.S. that have placed a focus on low permeation fuel hose. The State of Ohio requires gasoline dispensing facilities to install low permeation hose, where regulators estimate the move will reduce VOC emissions by 10.8 pounds per hose per year. The other is California, where the Air Resources Board (ARB) is the agency responsible for air quality and climate protection. The ARB estimates statewide emissions in California would go down by one tone each day and save approximately 1.7 gallons of gasoline per hose per day by requiring low permeation gasoline dispensing hose.

Executive Order Certifies EagleFlex Low Perm Hose

The ARB recently certified that Husky Corporation’s EagleFlex Low Perm Conventional Hose Assembly meets the state’s strict low permeation standards for gasoline fueling hose. An executive order issued September 27, 2015 indicated Husky EagleFlex low perm hose conforms to requirements for a permeation rate no higher than 10 grams per square meter per day for fuel loss through the flexible hose, at the fittings and at the connection between the hose assembly and the dispensing equipment. 

EagleFlex Low Perm hose is made of black Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE), reinforced by multiple textile braids with dual static wire helix, and features permanent external crimp zinc-plated steel couplings and/or swivels. It is designed for a variety of applications where hardwall fuel hose is needed. 

Check out the link above to learn more about what goes into Husky EagleFlex Low Perm hose or call Husky Corporation directly at 1-800-325-3558 or e-mail

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fueling the Fight Against Breast Cancer

There are tons of ways to be part of the campaign against breast cancer this October. But here’s one that’s really easy. The retailers at Minnoco, Minnesota Independent Oil Company, are donating two-cents for every gallon of Unleaded Plus/E15 gasoline purchased at their locations around Minneapolis and St. Paul to an organization that helps cancer patients through their difficult time.  Where E15 isn’t available, the offer applies to purchases of Mid-grade gasoline.

And it’s easy to identify which Minnoco gas pumps to use so you can take part in this fundraiser. They have nozzle hand guards and splash guards --- PINK ones! –  supplied by Husky Corporation.  Track the progress of this fundraising initiative at

The promotion serves a dual purpose. Proceeds from the donation will go to Hope Chest for Breast Cancer Foundation, which helps meet the most urgent emergency needs of financially challenged breast cancer patients in the Twin Cities local area.

It also provides an incentive to try gasoline blended with 15 percent ethanol. While most gasoline is blended with at least 10 percent ethanol, the EPA has approved E15 for use in vehicles made during or after 2001. Minnoco offers Unleaded Plus/E15 at 17 locations right now with more coming on line in 2016.
The Minnoco campaign to fuel the fight against breast cancer will be underway through the end of October!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Staying Connected: PEI Convention at the NACS Show

There are a number of great opportunities to keep abreast of important developments in the industry. Husky Corporation has a full calendar of trade shows and events that we are delighted to attend each year. But when it comes to fuel marketing and liquid handing technologies, the annual Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI) convention at the NACS Show is an event industry leaders consider a "can't miss" event.

PEI at the NACS Show this year is October 11-14 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. A large contingent from Husky Corporation will be on hand at Booth 6202 to meet current customers while welcoming new companies we can help with our industry-leading fuel dispensing products.

It is also a chance to introduce our latest innovations and partnerships as we strive to solve a variety of problems facing our customers. Here are just a few of those.

Benecor: DEF Dispensing and Storage Solutions

The Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) market is expected to triple in the next few years. Is your company ready to handle it? Are you prepared to take advantage of this enormous market opportunity? Husky has created a strategic alliance with Benecor, the leading expert on DEF dispensing and storage solutions to make sure you are ready to go. Nearly every diesel engine will soon need to use DEF as U.S. government mandates on pollution control take full effect. Talk to Husky and Benecor to fully understand the implications of DEF and to ensure your company is properly positioned.

Enevo: Remote Monitoring Systems

State-of-the-art technology is available that delivers information about liquid levels in storage tanks anywhere there is a cellular network available. Husky is partnering with Enevo to put this scalable liquid-level monitoring system to work for distributors and others who manage multiple tanks at multiple locations. Enevo technology allows dispatchers to work much smarter and more efficiently by setting up deliveries when service is actually needed, rather than according to a static schedule. Talk to us about how this technology will be available to you without upfront expenses.

Roman Seliger: Liquid Loading Arms

If you are looking for an efficient way to move and transport bulk liquid chemicals, check out the innovative Roman Seliger (RS) Loading Arm. Husky is the authorized U.S. representative for these custom-made products which are ideal for transferring liquid and gas products to and from airplanes, rail tankers, tanker trucks and bulk storage enclosures. RS is located in Hamburg, Germany with a laser-focus on quality and safety. Just like Husky!

New Products from BJE and Hewitt

You will also be able to see the latest tank monitoring alarm offerings from BJE which include CTS (real-time liquid level measurement for on-site storage tanks),  FNTM (the first drum gauge that tracks liquid level internals in 55gallon steel drums), and Metric Black Knight (the value-priced tank gauge for metric system measurement of stored water and other fluids).

And our Hewitt division is winning accolades in the aviation industry for two fuel nozzles. The Osprey is specifically designed for small business aircraft and helicopters. Eagle is an over-the-wing nozzle offered for medium-sized aircraft.

All of these products and much more will be on display at PEI at the NACS show. We hope you take the opportunity to stop by and check them all out. Viva Las Vegas!