Friday, March 29, 2019

Cutting-Edge Technology Wrapped in a Sturdy Package That is “Super Simple” to Install

Can something held within a uniquely shaped container that weighs just over a pound hold the key to transforming the way an industry serves its customers? The Enevo WEL-008L sensor represents just such a possibility. The sensor contains ultrasonic technology that gathers up-to-the-minute liquid level readings from widely scattered or remotely located storage tanks. Petroleum products distributors are using the Enevo system to optimize the way they service customers, cutting down on wasted time and money from traditional route-based approaches.
The sensor measures 6.5 inches tall by 4.7 inches wide and is made of extremely robust proprietary polyurethane that can withstand even the most extreme weather conditions. The construction ensures the technology inside functions consistently over the long haul. Ultrasonic sonar and motion detection technology is at the heart of the Enevo hardware. The WEL-008L measures tanks ranging from 10 inches to 16 feet deep and is accurate to within ± 0.4 inches. Details on all the specs are located at

One of the best things about the Enevo sensor is that is very easy to install. The professionals at Missouri’s Santie Oil Company know firsthand just what that means.

"I think we've set 50 or 60 of these monitors. We've had no issues," said Robbie Sims, Santie Oil General Manager. "It's a plug and play system. It was a good decision to go with Enevo. And we look forward to putting more out in the field." 

Check out this short video to hear what they think.

Power is supplied by a 3.6-volt high performance lithium battery that will last for five years or more. The data gathered is transmitted over available networks using penta-band technology capable of operating at 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, which are the cellular frequencies used in most parts of the world. Any software upgrades for the WEL-008L are transmitted back to the sensor in the same way. This makes the Enevo system functional even in remote locations, as long as a cellular network connection is available.

The sturdy construction, industry-leading battery life and ease of installation make Enevo a set-and-forget solution for managing liquid tank levels. The WEL-008L will transmit data to the web portal for five years or more, allowing game-changing efficiencies and higher service levels for customers.