Monday, October 1, 2018

RS Gas Spring Pressure Adjustment Tool

The Roman Seliger SGA Loading Arm is a safe and easy arrangement for the transfer of liquid and gas products to tanker cars, tanker trucks, and vessels. These units are available with special spring or gas-operated mechanisms to raise and lower the arm with minimal effort to easily facilitate its use.

The gas springs arrive from the factory purposely over-filled so that the end user can fine-tune the pressure for each application. That requires a number of steps that need to be carefully followed.

Engineers as Husky Corporation have designed a valve adjustment tool (P/N 013095) to make the procedure easier than it had been previously.

Contact Husky Corporation to learn more about this tool and to get detailed instructions that must be followed to safely make these adjustments. Husky is the authorized U.S. Representative for Roman Seliger SGA Loading Arms and couplings.