Monday, September 14, 2015

Husky and BJE: Now Available at a Store Near You

The fight for space at retail stores is intense. There is really good reason for that. There's only so much room for a seemingly unlimited number of products clamoring for a slice of that territory. But above all else retailers want to provide their customers with a selection of quality products they want to buy.

That's why Husky Corporation is seeking to help retailers offer the company's industry leading fuel nozzles and related equipment, along with BJE fluid inventory management products inside their stores. Recently Husky developed planograms to help stores display the latest innovations and top-selling products at farm, fleet and agricultural stores.


The Husky products are displayed by size, fuel type and include a complete description showcasing the proper application each item. Customers can visually inspect the products without disturbing the packaging to get an up-close look at the quality of each item. BJE products allow fleet managers and farmers to replace measuring sticks with easy-to-use proven technology for monitoring multiple tanks holding a variety of fluids.

Through this program, retail customers will have access to innovations that were previously never available outside of the standard petroleum distribution sales channel. Retailers looking to tap into an innovative way to better serve farm, fleet and commercial customers can contact Husky to learn more at 800-325-3558.