Monday, April 16, 2018

Eliminate Diesel Splash-back and Early Shut-off with StreamShaper®

The patented Husky Corporation StreamShaper®, which the company invented to straighten the flow of fuel out of the nozzle spout, is now a standard feature included in Light Duty Diesel (LDD) nozzles.

Here is a news release with the details:

This video also shows how StreamShaper controls the flow of fuel out of nozzles.

StreamShaper® is inserted in the spout-end of Husky Corporation nozzles to uniformly direct fuel flow and reduce turbulence, resulting in less splash-back spillage during fueling.

Contact Husky Corporation (Sales or Customer Service) to learn more at 800-325-3558.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Husky Corporation Introduces the Safest and Most Effective Cleaner Ever for the Petroleum Dispensing Industry

Husky Corporation has released a new product line that will help customers keep their operations cleaner and safer than ever before.

Oil Baron eliminates hydrocarbon spills and stains, making them nonflammable and nonhazardous in a matter of minutes.

Check out the details in this news release:
Oil Baron Product Family. Available from Husky Corporation and BJE Lube and Oil Products
The active ingredients in Oil Baron are naturally occurring microbes which convert hydrocarbons, including gasoline, into water and carbon dioxide. What’s left can be washed away or disposed of without any special handling. Surfaces are clean, dry and oil-free. This video shows how the Oil Baron works.

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