Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Get Ready for Oil Baron: Truly No Comparison for Removing Petroleum Stains or Spills

When you work with oil, grease or gasoline you know how tough it is to clean up. Most of the products you've probably come across to clean petroleum stains or spills run short in one area or another. Finally, there will be a product for which there is really no comparison on the market to handle this problem.

Husky Corporation will soon introduce Oil Baron, the most environmentally safe and fastest way to get rid of hydrocarbon spills and stains, rendering them non-flammable within minutes. And what remains is non-hazardous, requiring no special disposal.

There will be two versions of the product. Oil Baron (available in foam or liquid form) and Oil Baron Plus for the toughest stains on most hard industrial surfaces. Check out both products at https://www.husky.com/husky/oil-baron/oil-baron/

Both products use naturally harvested microbes that literally EAT hydrocarbons.That's right. The microbes are dormant inside the packaging. But they wake up immediately when applied directly to oil, gas, diesel, jet fuel, transmission fluid, antifreeze, brake fluid and other hydrocarbons. The microbes munch on the petroleum products and digest them. What's left is harmless water and carbon dioxide that can be wiped up or washed down the drain. The entire process takes a matter of minutes and minimal effort. Here is a picture showing what the concrete at a gas station forecourt looked like before Oil Baron Plus was applied to a lot of old and deep petroleum stains, then what it looks like afterward.

Oil Baron works much faster, much more effectively, and more safely than products that contain enzymes which only disperse the petroleum, but don't eliminate the spill. When solvents are used on petroleum, the residue is still hazardous material with costly steps required for disposal.

That is not the case with Oil Baron, which ELIMINATES the petroleum spill quickly and safely. We'll be sharing a lot more about Oil Baron as the product roll-out gets going. But Husky believes this is a product the petroleum dispensing industry, the automotive repair market, and anyone that works with petroleum products has been waiting for.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Grenny Sutcliffe Named Husky Corporation Vice President of Sales

Promoted After Serving as Husky’s Western Regional Sales Manager for Twelve Years

This news release was distributed recently by Husky Corporation. The company has named Grenny Sutcliffe as Husky Corporation Vice President of Sales.

Sutcliffe will be responsible for overseeing Husky’s sales team and distributor network for all company brands globally, including its complete line of fuel nozzles and related equipment for the petroleum dispensing industry.

“Grenny has been a significant part of the successful sales team at Husky. His strength is in his ability to conceive creative solutions to customer problems,” said Husky Executive Vice President Brad Baker. “We have created significant sales growth goals, and Grenny’s leadership will be critical to achieving the long-term goals of the organization.”

Sutcliffe started in the company’s sales organization in 2004 in the Northeast Region and Canada. He later transitioned to Western Regional Sales Manager and most recently served as Eastern Regional Sales Manager.

“From the age of ten, my career at Husky began on the plant floor by tightening spouts, just to keep me out of my father’s office!  As time went on, my tasks continued throughout many departments within the company,” Sutcliffe said. “In 1947, my grandparents, Eugene and Hazel Sutcliffe, founded Husky Corporation with the core belief that excellence in customer service is paramount. Nearly 75 years later, I’m proud that our company has continued to adhere to their values while becoming the world’s premier designer, manufacturer and seller of service station delivery systems.  In my new role, I look forward to working with the sales team to intensify our level of focus, as we continue to meet and exceed our customer’s needs.”

In addition to the company’s line of general fueling products, Husky has implemented an acquisition strategy to add products to the company portfolio from related industries. Husky employs nearly 150 people who are principally located at the company’s headquarters and production facilities in Pacific, Missouri.