Friday, September 19, 2014

Husky’s Fuel Nozzles for Safe DEF Handling and Storage

One delicate issue for diesel-powered engines equipped with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) is their sensitivity to contamination caused by faulty handling and storage of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). When they fail, they take a lot of time and money for repair, leading to significant delays in operations. Aside from ensuring that SCR vehicle users know how to handle DEF themselves, SCR vehicle fleet owners need to search for fueling products that dispense DEF safely.

Proper Care for DEF

There are a lot of dos and don’ts in the use of DEF. Practicing these points will ensure that SCR vehicles are working at their best and potential harm is avoided. Only use fueling products particularly designed for storing or dispensing DEF. The urea-based fluid is added to diesel exhaust in SCR engines to reduce nitrogen dioxide emissions which the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said contributes to smog, asthma, respiratory disease, and heart disease. DEF can cause dispensing equipment to clog outside its optimum temperature range of 12 to 86 degrees F. Although DEF is non-hazardous, it is important to select the proper equipment in handling it for longevity and efficiency of SCR vehicles.

Husky’s DEF-compatible Nozzles and Accessories

Selecting dispensing equipment for DEF is essential. Look for a manufacturer whose designs use 100 percent ISO recognized DEF compatible materials and with parts that are UL listed or made with UL- recognized components. Such steps remove questions about product safety and reliability.

Husky Corporation offers two DEF dispensing nozzles that meet those rigorous standards. The Husky DEF Stainless Steel DEF nozzle and the DEF Polymer nozzle with stainless steel spout are manufactured and tested to handle the unique characteristics of DEF. They are also equipped with unique features such as the Flo-Stop® device, the automatic shut-off system, and the patented Streamshaper® that minimizes fluid splash-back. This line of fuel nozzles is the perfect solution for retail truck stops that dispense high volumes of the fluid for over-the-road trucking customers. And as the market for SCR engines continues to grow, they are also perfect for vehicle dealerships, repair shops, oil change facilities, fleet-service centers and other locations that regularly dispense DEF from bulk dispensers or above ground storage systems.

Husky provides the quality, safety, and reliability that addresses the sensitive nature of SCR systems, making it your ultimate choice in DEF dispensing equipment.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Husky: The Ultimate Provider of Swivel Hose Assemblies

Amidst the pool of fueling products in the market, there is one provider whose clients can be assured of product safety and quality. With their swivel hose assemblies being UL-listed, Husky Corporation now owns the right to be known as a one-stop provider of curb and whip fuel hose assemblies. Gasoline retailers can be certain that their station is secure for employees and consumers alike.

With a UL listing for its CP12 or CP16 swivel assemblies, Husky Corporation ensures that fueling stations will operate with peace of mind. As Husky’s Project Design Engineer Brian Wolff has proudly stated, “The CP 12 and CP 16 swivel assemblies meet or exceed safety standards for pull, electrical conductivity, pressure, and hydrostatic tests". Through the use of safe and efficient fuel dispensing products, business operations will be smooth and reliable.

Opening Doors to the Retail Community

A UL listing is required for a fuel dispensing product to be put in retail markets all over the United States. With such a listing, Husky’s swivel hose assemblies are now included in the roster of widely trusted fueling products for retail locations. The UL Mark is a critical signal to loyal and potential customers; it is given to manufacturers who have gone above and beyond to ensure the safety and quality of their products. These swivel hose assemblies work best when connected with Husky fuel hoses and nozzles. Husky’s fuel hose accessories and nozzles have also acquired recognition for its unique safety and patented features.

As a fueling station owner, one must ensure employee and customer safety, both through best practices and quality products. It is always better to work with products that are backed by a quality approving body; this not only boosts customers’ trust, but it also gives the relief that comes with a good reputation and business sustainability.

Husky prides itself in manufacturing fuel dispensing products, including swivel hose assemblies that have passed the rigorous tests for UL standards. With Husky fueling products on the market, fueling station owners can be confident in the quality and reliability of the products that they operate with in their line of service.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Husky’s Triage Team

Husky Corporation takes their products and engineering seriously. When faced with equipment problems, it is frustrating for customers to hear excuses about problems not arising during testing phases.

The facilities of Husky Corporation painstakingly manufacture and assemble their products in state of the art facilities in the U.S. Even with quality checks and product testing conducted in the ideal conditions of laboratories, highly reliable products can occasionally face problems when used. Husky takes these issues seriously.

Triage Team in China

In 2013, Husky engineers spent two weeks in China to investigate how one of their top of the line V34i Vapor Recovery Nozzle sometimes failed to shut off and spilled fuel. A concern like this can be challenging to talk through on the phone, fax, email or video conference. Going to the field where the issue occurs is the best option to know what might be happening.

Armed with data, research and field observations, the Triage team returned to Husky lab and replicated the conditions that were witnessed. Solving the problem in the engineering lab is only half the battle. The team needed to fly back to the other side of the world for further testing.

With improvements made in the fueling products, the Chinese market was satisfied.

With improved fueling products, the Chinese market are satisfied.

When Husky Corporation’s customers purchase any of our fueling products, the buyer-seller relationship doesn’t stop there. Even if our customers take our products anywhere around the world, our mission for quality products together with exceptional service continues especially with customers experiencing equipment problems.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Husky Goes Mobile

In a time when we conveniently look for the products we love through our smartphones and tablets, Husky joins the mobile revolution by launching a mobile-responsive website. Our recently launched mobile site makes Husky’s 375-page website easily readable to its users, buyers and partners.

Like many other mobile sites, Husky’s web content adjusts automatically to fit the screen size of mobile devices. Through our mobile website, we expect that our users have an improved experience with organized content and easy-to-access fueling products page. With our new mobile website, speed is our ally – in ordering parts, locating product information, industry news and more.

Improved Husky Experience

Distributors, dealers and manufacturer representatives who are away from the office can instantly search complete details on Husky fueling products, BJE tank monitoring products and Hewitt aviation products. Other online features that automatically adjust to any mobile device screen include:

• Interactive maps to locate the nearest distributor or manufacturer’s representative
• Video gallery to demonstrate and showcase innovative products
• Technical certifications and bulletins
• Warranty information
• Links to key industry and regulatory agency contacts
• Husky corporation news articles and other scoops
• Translates into different languages for the global marketplace

Through this change, we aim to give our customers better service in all aspects.