Tuesday, October 25, 2016

See How Fleets and Retailers Can Get Into Bulk DEF Dispensing

The number of vehicles that are required to use DEF is constantly increasing. So what is the solution for fleets, government entities, retailers and those with unattended fueling sites that need to service DEF equipped vehicles or equipment? 

This video offers a look at the new Benecor Mini-Bulk series that makes DEF bulk systems economically viable for increasing numbers of customers at the right size and price-point.

Benecor’s Mini-Bulk Standard Duty Series is available in three different sizes of DEF storage and dispensing capability. All are designed for use on standard fueling islands, with turnkey installation that allows fleet and retail customers to start pumping DEF quickly.

Benecor Mini-Bulk Standard Duty products are rugged fiberglass-based units that have been fully-tested to ensure years of trouble-free use. Benecor is the only manufacturer to use fiberglass construction, a material that is not affected by the corrosive nature of DEF. Benecor systems meet ISO 22241-3 & 4 standards for dispensing and storing DEF.
·         Mini-Bulk sizes: 750-gallon, 1,000-gallon or 1,500-gallon
o   The 1,500-gallon version is the largest on-island DEF option on the market.
·         Standard-Duty Storage: Warm or cold weather storage applications
·         Standard-Duty Systems: Storage and dispensing for warm weather applications
·         Standard-Duty Plus Systems: Storage and dispensing in warm or cold weather
o   Because DEF freezes at 12˚F (-11˚C), this unique optional package will withstand even the harshest cold weather conditions.

Contact Husky Corporation for pricing information about the Benecor Mini-Bulk Standard Duty Series at 800-325-3558 or sales@husky.com. http://www.husky.com/benecor/

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Revolutionary Tank Monitoring Now Available for Diesel and Oil Applications

Husky’s Enevo Solution Uses 21st Century Technology to Remotely Monitor Liquid Levels

With strategic partner Enevo, Husky Corporation is entering the front line of digital solutions for remote tank monitoring by introducing the first systems built on 3G cellular technology for diesel and oil applications. The systems are ideal for petroleum product distributors with multiple locations requiring constant attention.

“The revolutionary solution from Enevo lifts the oil and fuel industry’s delivery operations to a new level of efficiency and transparency,” said Husky Corporation Executive Vice President Brad Baker. “This solution is built around the end-user, designed from the ground up to excel where traditional remote monitoring fails.”

Consumer-grade Simplicity; Enterprise-level Performance

Husky’s Enevo solution starts at the tank, where robust sensors constantly monitor the tank’s fill level and environment. Simple installation and a five-year battery life mean the fully integrated sensors can be installed and never worried about again. Information is transmitted at regular intervals or during abnormal events such as sudden fluid level changes.

Enevo combines the ease-of-use familiar in consumer products with the reliability of enterprise-grade solutions. System setup is a breeze and requires almost no training, which offers instant value for the end-user. Dispatchers use any web-browser enabled device to get a helicopter-view of operations; fresh status updates, trends, reports, and alerts make incredible delivery efficiencies a reality.

“This solution enables any distributor to take the lead. Dispatchers can now make informed decisions based on real information rather than conjecture, enabling them to do what they do best – get the right amount of product to the right place at the right time,” said Joe Laschke, Husky Corporation Technical Service Representative. “Enevo enables just-in-time logistics for the oil and fuel segment.”

Scandinavian Industrial Design, American Service and Support  
From Nordic winters to the desert heat, Enevo sensors are extremely durable and designed for harsh environments. Furthermore, from contracts to product packaging, installation to setup, training to support, the entire solution has been designed around the end-user. Even the business model includes options that require no upfront investments. 

Enevo is a global clean technology provider with headquarters in Finland and presence in the U.S., UK, Japan, Germany and Australia.

“Among the many values Enevo shares with Husky are safety, quality and customer loyalty. Enevo is proud to enter the U.S. market with a partner of such strong reputation,” said Anders Brotherus, Product Manager at Enevo.

Remote Monitoring is Now Reliable and Affordable

• Ultrasonic sensor technology means no contact to measured liquid
• Easy and quick installation with standard 1.5” and 2” NPT fittings
• Military-grade lithium batteries with five-year battery life
• Hourly level measurements and trend-based, up-to-the-minute forecasts
The WE-008L sensor – a tank level sensor that is designed and constructed to accurately measure tank fill levels in harsh environmental conditions.

• Operations dashboard displays data on nearly any web-enabled device