Thursday, June 14, 2018

What's a Tilt Poppet? The Ultimate in Precision Fueling!

We've all been there: Filling up the gas tank while desperately trying to get the pump to stop at precisely $10.00, because that is literally all you have in your pocket to pay for the fuel! If feels like a small victory if you are able to manipulate the handle so the flow stops exactly on the number. And it feels like a small failure when you go over!

The poppet valve assembly and the lever work together to control the flow of fuel through the nozzle. Traditional designs made it difficult to stop the flow of fuel with precision.

“The previous poppet skirt operated by opening or closing the entire poppet valve seal at the same time. That situation made it difficult to start and stop fueling at the desired level,” said Husky Engineering Manager Zach Holcomb.

So Husky Engineers focused on re-designing the poppet skirt, and came up with an innovation called the Tilt Poppet; a poppet skirt that is angled on one surface. The effect of this modification is that when the fuel lever is engaged, one side of the poppet valve seal moves before the other. Fuel therefore flows through the nozzle in a much more measured way; fueling can be started and stopped very smoothly for precise manual dispensing. A slimmed-down poppet skirt design also reduces the amount of back-pressure experienced when starting and stopping the fueling process.

“Having the angled poppet skirt allows the flow to ease through on one side of the poppet valve and dispense to the penny much more easily,” Holcomb said.

This short video shows how it works.

“We know that many customers want to spend an exact amount when fueling their vehicles. There are also applications around the world where full-service fuel attendants must put only the exact amount of fuel requested into customer tanks. The Tilt Poppet is ideal for those situations,” said Husky Corporation Executive Vice President Brad Baker. “We think the Tilt Poppet will make the fueling experience more pleasant for everyone thanks to its smooth and easy operation.”

The Husky Tilt Poppet will be an included feature of all the company’s fuel nozzle designs. Contact Husky at 800-325-3558 to learn more.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

New Manual Aviation Nozzle with Quick-Disconnect Option

The new Falcon line of manual nozzles, available from Hewitt, is specifically designed for business and private over-the-wing aviation fueling. Falcon comes with two spout-designs. One option features screw-in spouts. The other option features quick-disconnect spouts for easy checking of the 100-mesh filter or for applications where one must change from the duck bill spout to a round spout as is the case for helicopter fueling.

The latter option is unique to the Falcon when compared to other aviation nozzles in this category. When comparing nozzles, we believe the Falcon is a reasonably priced alternative to others you may have utilized, but one which features a tried and true Husky Corporation design.

For Jet applications, the Falcon comes with black anodized body and black hand guard wing protection. For Avfuel, the unit comes with a red anodized body and red hand guard wing protection. Every nozzle comes with swivel and either 1-1/4” or 1/2" female inlet, ground cable, and spout dust cap protectors. Detailed information is available at this web page

Whether your operation is looking at new fixed-tank fueling systems, considering replacement options for your existing fueling systems, or need nozzles for self-service jet fuel tank installations, consider the new Hewitt Falcon.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Hungry Microbes Eliminate Petroleum Spills or Stains? That's Oil Baron!

Can oil spills, grease stains and other messes that come from using petroleum-based products really be eliminated? They can if you use Oil Baron and Oil Baron Plus. This product works wonders in all kinds of situations. Here is a quick video that explains how Oil Baron works and why it is better than other competitors on the market.

Interested in giving it a try? Contact us directly at  800- 325-3558 or visit online at

Monday, April 16, 2018

Eliminate Diesel Splash-back and Early Shut-off with StreamShaper®

The patented Husky Corporation StreamShaper®, which the company invented to straighten the flow of fuel out of the nozzle spout, is now a standard feature included in Light Duty Diesel (LDD) nozzles.

Here is a news release with the details:

This video also shows how StreamShaper controls the flow of fuel out of nozzles.

StreamShaper® is inserted in the spout-end of Husky Corporation nozzles to uniformly direct fuel flow and reduce turbulence, resulting in less splash-back spillage during fueling.

Contact Husky Corporation (Sales or Customer Service) to learn more at 800-325-3558.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Husky Corporation Introduces the Safest and Most Effective Cleaner Ever for the Petroleum Dispensing Industry

Husky Corporation has released a new product line that will help customers keep their operations cleaner and safer than ever before.

Oil Baron eliminates hydrocarbon spills and stains, making them nonflammable and nonhazardous in a matter of minutes.

Check out the details in this news release:
Oil Baron Product Family. Available from Husky Corporation and BJE Lube and Oil Products
The active ingredients in Oil Baron are naturally occurring microbes which convert hydrocarbons, including gasoline, into water and carbon dioxide. What’s left can be washed away or disposed of without any special handling. Surfaces are clean, dry and oil-free. This video shows how the Oil Baron works.

Contact Husky Corporation for pricing information at 800-325-3558 or

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Tank Monitors Designed for Diesel Exhaust Fluid

The growth of the Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) market around the world is expected to continue for the next several years. Market research suggests that DEF sales should grow yearly at 5.42 percent (CAGR) between 2018 and 2022, according to a summary published at 360 Market Updates. The growth is driven by increased penetration of commercial vehicles with updated diesel engines, which spray DEF into the exhaust stream to convert harmful nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions into nitrogen, water and a small amount of carbon dioxide.

Equipment used in DEF storage and dispensing must be made with materials that won't cause contamination, as the solution is comprised of 32.5% urea and 67.5% de-ionized water. DEF can cause dispensing equipment to clog outside its optimum temperature range of 12-86 F. Husky Corporation and BJE engineers understand the nuances of handling DEF, so their product designs use 100 percent ISO recognized DEF compatible materials.

BJE DEF Tank Monitors and Alarms

With the increase in DEF use by commercial vehicles, and growing demand for bulk handling options, BJE is now offering a complete line of DEF-compatible tank monitors. These products add to the company's established and trusted line of tank monitors and monitors.
  • DEF Tank Monitors with Jarhead - visual reminders when the tank runs low
  • DEF Tank Monitors with Overfill - visual reminders when filling the tank
  • Sentry with Jarhead - with wall mount monitor and siren alerts when the tank runs low
  • Sentry with Overfill - with wall mount monitor and siren when tank is being filled
  • 007 with Jarhead - with wall mount tank monitor, siren and strobe light when tank runs low
  • 007 with Overfill -with wall mount monitor, siren and strobe light when tank is being filled
There are options for nearly any circumstance or tank size that may affect your operation. Details on all these BJE products are located at

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Get Ready for Oil Baron: Truly No Comparison for Removing Petroleum Stains or Spills

When you work with oil, grease or gasoline you know how tough it is to clean up. Most of the products you've probably come across to clean petroleum stains or spills run short in one area or another. Finally, there will be a product for which there is really no comparison on the market to handle this problem.

Husky Corporation will soon introduce Oil Baron, the most environmentally safe and fastest way to get rid of hydrocarbon spills and stains, rendering them non-flammable within minutes. And what remains is non-hazardous, requiring no special disposal.

There will be two versions of the product. Oil Baron (available in foam or liquid form) and Oil Baron Plus for the toughest stains on most hard industrial surfaces. Check out both products at

Both products use naturally harvested microbes that literally EAT hydrocarbons.That's right. The microbes are dormant inside the packaging. But they wake up immediately when applied directly to oil, gas, diesel, jet fuel, transmission fluid, antifreeze, brake fluid and other hydrocarbons. The microbes munch on the petroleum products and digest them. What's left is harmless water and carbon dioxide that can be wiped up or washed down the drain. The entire process takes a matter of minutes and minimal effort. Here is a picture showing what the concrete at a gas station forecourt looked like before Oil Baron Plus was applied to a lot of old and deep petroleum stains, then what it looks like afterward.

Oil Baron works much faster, much more effectively, and more safely than products that contain enzymes which only disperse the petroleum, but don't eliminate the spill. When solvents are used on petroleum, the residue is still hazardous material with costly steps required for disposal.

That is not the case with Oil Baron, which ELIMINATES the petroleum spill quickly and safely. We'll be sharing a lot more about Oil Baron as the product roll-out gets going. But Husky believes this is a product the petroleum dispensing industry, the automotive repair market, and anyone that works with petroleum products has been waiting for.