Monday, January 13, 2020

New “Why Didn’t I Think of That” Product Keeps Techs and Shop Floors Clean & Safe

S.U.R.&R., the vehicle fluid line repair solutions division of Husky Corporation, has unveiled a new specialty tool that will keep service technicians safer and shop floors cleaner during everyday jobs that involve oil and fuel filter replacement.

The FC5 Filter Removal Cup is designed to protect exposed skin from heat and eliminate the mess of fluid drips that commonly occur during routine vehicle maintenance.

Made of pliable and non-slip material, the FC5 Filter Removal Cup permits easy manipulation to access tight or oddly shaped filter placement locations. The FC5 is designed for filters commonly found on cars, SUVs, light duty trucks and vans.

“Residual oil in the filter at the connection point drips out during nearly every oil change. That’s always annoying and potentially harmful,” said S.U.R.&R. National Sales Manager Bob Joy. The FC5 Filter Removal Cup will catch those potentially dangerous hot fluids before they can drip on your hand and down your arm.”

The FC5 Filter Removal Cup will also keep work areas safer by preventing potential slipping on vehicle fluids that accidentally hit the shop floor. The FC5 Filter Removal Cup can also serve to store loose nuts, bolts, screws, drain plugs and other items during service.

“This is the kind of product that every vehicle technician would use on a daily basis and should have wide appeal in the automotive service industry,” Mr. Joy said. “We strive to always keep the tech in mind.”

The FC5 Filter cup is Made in the U.S.A for S.U.R.&R. customers at production facilities in Pacific, Missouri. Contact S.U.R.&R. at 1-800-390-3996 to learn more.

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Work for Husky Corporation!

Be part of an American-made success story when you join Husky Corporation – a leading manufacturer of products for the fuel dispensing and transportation industries.

Based in Pacific, Missouri, Husky is a state of the art manufacturer with 170 employees that ships its more than 2,000 products to every state in the union and more than 60 countries.

This short video shows what it's like to work for Husky, including competitive wages, health care, paid time off, 401(k) plan, great working conditions and even a gym. Here's a short video that shows what it's like working at Husky - in the words of people who work there.

Join a family-owned company that appreciates its customers and respects its employees. Check out to learn about current open positions at Husky Corporation!

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Innovation is the Core: Husky Corporation

The Husky Corporation family of companies sets the standard for petroleum dispensing and automotive customers with the highest quality products made right here in the U.S.A. The company has developed a new video that shows what really makes Husky "A Breed Apart".

"Innovation is the core. It's what started us. It's what keeps us going today," said Husky President G.G. Sutcliffe.

The video provides an inside look at the company's product line and what makes Husky stand out from the competition. The company focuses on hanging hardware for the petroleum dispensing industry, where it holds 50 percent of the new nozzle market. Husky diversified into related transportation industries in recent years, which has permitted growth and expansion.

"What sets us apart is we remained an American manufacturer. We do all of our design work, customer service and manufacturing out of this facility in Pacific, Missouri," Suttcliffe said. "We are truly a state of the art manufacturer."

Husky has 170 employees and sells its more than 2,000 products in 63 countries.  The video includes a look inside the facility and a discussion of five pillars on which the company is built:  Safety, Quality, Customer Loyalty, Team-building, and Productivity. Learn more at

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

When One is Greater than Six: BJE's MK6 Tank Alarm

The engineers at BJE Lube and Oil Products, a Division of Husky Corporation, are at it again. Their latest innovation is a tank alarm that monitors up to six above ground storage tanks containing oil, waste oil, diesel fuel, antifreeze, water and other fluids with a high flash point.The new product is called the MK6 Tank Alarm which combines the functionality of six BJE 007 Tank Alarms into one unit.

The MK6 solves a problem that arises when one 007 Tank Alarm is monitoring several tanks at once. The problem with that is when the 007 alarm goes off, there is no way to know which of the tanks in that single circuit is having an issue. 
MK6 Tank Alarm: High/low tank alarm for use with oil, waste oil, diesel fuel, antifreeze, water, and other fluids with a high flash point.
With the MK6 there are six indicator lights on the unit, each that operates on its own individual circuit. There is also space for descriptive labels about the tank that is operating on a particular circuit. When a tank goes into an alarm, the particular indicator light flashes, in addition to the unit's strobe and siren. The combination means the problematic tank can be dealt with much more rapidly.

The MK6 retains the same key functionality of the 007, including UL Buna Sensor probes and solenoid valves. The MK6 is capable of driving a solenoid valve for each tank being monitored. The MK6 does have a different circuit board that contains more logic. But it all is contained in the same housing, with the same dimensions, as the 007 tank alarm.

The system is designed for facilities that are monitoring several tanks at the same time, but without the need to have an individual 007 monitoring each tank. And it solves the classic problem that arises when more than one tank is being watched by a single monitor.

The MK6 is a featured product for BJE at the annual PEI Convention at the NACS Show in Atlanta. And you can always contact BJE directly to learn more at 1-800-325-3558.

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Husky Hits the Road for PEI at the NACS Show

What is quite arguably the most important gathering of the year for the fuel and fluid handling industries takes place October 1-4, 2019 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta.

Husky Corporation and its family of companies have long been supporters of the Petroleum Equipment Institute and of the PEI Convention at the NACS Show. The trade show portion of this event begins October 2. Husky leaders will be on hand to welcome industry professionals, suppliers, customers and friends at Booth 4921 in the Fuel Equipment & Services and Technology exhibits section. Here's a link to the floor plan and how to find Husky's exhibit

The company will have key executives and engineers on hand to talk about how its products solve a variety of fueling, safety, environmental and performance problems. As a manufacturer of nozzles, swivels and Safe-T-Breaks for conventional, vapor, and high-flow petroleum dispensing markets.

One of the products in the spotlight will be the Husky EZ Lever, an innovation that provides ADA-compliant fuel dispensing. The unique two-piece lever design means that it takes about half the force to begin dispensing fuel compared to a standard one-piece nozzle lever. Here is a video that shows a bit more about the EZ Lever.

Additional markets for Husky include retail and commercial, DEF, aviation, truck, farm and commercial. Oil and lube customers will be able to check outs the new BJE MK6 Tank Alarm, a high/low system that can monitor up to six tanks independently. It is a solution for use with oil, waste oil, diesel fuel, antifreeze, water and other fluids with a high flash point. 

Husky has also solved forecourt clean-up of hydrocarbon spills and stains by utilizing microbes converting waste to non-hazardous and non-flammable materials. Oil Baron breaks down hydrocarbons into water and carbon dioxide, leaving surfaces clean, dry and oil-free.

Husky and it's family of companies looks forward to seeing you in Atlanta. But you can always get in touch with us at 800-325-3558 or a

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Fuel Nozzle Innovations Take the Pressure Off Customers

There are several drivers of improvements in life. Some involve statutes and regulations which mandate actions. Others involve product innovation. In the case of the motoring public in the United States, there are examples of both.

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics estimates that around 25.5 million people over the age of five have disabilities that limit travel. Additional statistics show that only 60.4 percent of people with disabilities drive vehicles, compared to nearly 92 percent of people who do not have disabilities.


ADA and Gas Stations

Those numbers perhaps help explain why when the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) arrived in 1990, it noted that people with disabilities may find it "difficult or impossible to use the controls, hose, or nozzle of a self-serve gas pump." As a result, the ADA began requiring self-serve gas stations to provide equal access to their customers with disabilities:

  • Provide refueling assistance upon the request of an individual with a disability. A service station or convenience store is not required to provide such service at any time that it is operating on a remote control basis with a single employee, but is encouraged to do so, if feasible.
  • Let patrons know (e.g., through appropriate signs) that customers with disabilities can obtain refueling assistance by either honking or otherwise signaling an employee.

In 2012, additional requirements were enacted regarding the operable parts of fuel pumps, making them accessible to motorists with disabilities who want to pump their own fuel. An article published on the Access Advocates web site commented that "Right now, complaints drive compliance at gas stations."

Innovation and ADA Compliance

Innovation can also drive change. Husky Corporation has developed two new features for fuel nozzles that can make it easier to dispense fuel into vehicles. One is called EZ Lever, which essentially is new two-piece design rather than the previously utilized one-piece design. The EZ Lever is ADA compliant, as it requires approximately half the force of conventional levers in order to open the nozzle to dispense fuel. This is a short video that explains the logic behind EZ Lever.

In addition, Husky engineers redesigned the poppet skirt in a way that helps control the flow of fuel through the nozzle with greater ease. The innovation is called a Tilt Poppet, the effect of which permits a precise amount of fuel to be dispensed into vehicles very easily. Here is a video that shows how the Tilt Poppet functions.

These innovations, whether utilized separately or in combination on a given fuel nozzle application, effectively make the fueling process easier for everyone. They also help fuel marketers improve the user experience at their locations. Contact Husky Corporation at 800-325-3558 or go to to learn more about these and other product developments which are designed to put customers first.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Enhanced Conventional Fuel Nozzle Makes Its Mark

Among the many fueling nozzles available from Husky Corporation is a light weight option that is loaded with features many customers will find attractive. The Eco Nozzle is an enhanced conventional nozzle with a shut-off mechanism that stops fueling when the spout leaves the fill pipe or gets out of the tank. The Econ Nozzle is engineered with a unique internal interlock device that requires just a light amount of force to engage when customers begin fueling.

The mechanics of interlock nozzles, along with standard and pressure-actived nozzles, are explained in this Husky Corporation Technical Bulletin  Interlock nozzles from Husky (including the Eco Nozzle) feature a bellow or boot on the spout. It must be pushed back before squeezing the lever will open the main poppet valve and allow fuel to flow. If the bellow or boot is not pushed back, the nozzle will exhibit a limp/dead lever condition.  A key feature of the Eco Nozzle is that the design requires the lightest insertion force of any safety interlock operated nozzle.

Other features make the Eco Nozzle easy to use for fueling customers. A two-piece lever is ADA compliant and requires half the force to open compared to a regular nozzle. And a unique Tilt Poppet regulates the fuel flow more smoothly than in other nozzles, making precise 'to-the-penny' dispensing simple every time.

Another important feature of the Eco Nozzle is that it is compliant with California Air Resources Board regulations for drips, spills and liquid retention. Husky calls this a characteristic of a Drip Less spout design. Contact Husky Corporation at 800-325-3558 to get more information.