Friday, February 20, 2015

Husky Corporation Quality System

With quality one of the company’s five key pillars, Husky Corporation goes through a process called DFMEA (Design Failure Effects Mode Analysis) before a product goes to manufacturing and is distributed to customers. Husky is dedicated to continuous improvement with an intensive Product Design review board led by Husky Design, Manufacturing, and Quality Engineers who conduct reviews, tests and statistical analyses.

Based on the design review, Husky engineers establish control plans so suppliers only deliver the best components. The incoming parts are tested to make sure they meet or exceed required specifications. The parts of all fueling products go through a rigid production process, wherein each machine has its own set of control charts and systematic quality checks conducted on the production floor.

Each key process on the line undergoes PFMEA (Process Failure Mode Effects Analysis) scrutiny to make all the fueling products more efficient.

Husky Corporation holds an ISO 9001:2008 Certification, the most popular quality standard in the world. Our products are tested for safety, another key pillar of Husky, by independent companies that carry labels to validate safety standards in the US, Canada, Europe and the rest of the world.

Dedication to quality–a primary reason why Husky is a breed apart.

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Monday, February 16, 2015

Husky’s Growth and Expansion Relies on Relationships

Acquiring financing and finding investors play big parts in any business venture, from starting up to expanding and growing the company. Husky Corporation is no different. Functioning with world-class engineers and generating $35 million in sales, the fueling products manufacturing company is familiar with the traditional business lending process too.

An article written for the December 12, 2014 St. Louis Business Journal reported that in the past 12 months, the company has taken out seven traditional (bank) commercial loans, all with Commerce Bank, for improving product quality, replacing worn-out equipment, retooling and developing new products. Brad Baker, Executive Vice President of Husky Corporation, said Husky has been a client of Commerce Bank for a long time.

“Commerce Bank has been our commercial lender for than 20 years. They know us well and have true expertise about our product lines, who we are as an organization and what we need in terms of financing,” Baker told the St. Louis Business Journal.

According to Commerce Bank Senior VP Gordon Roewe, speaking in the same article, “When we think about the 20-plus year relationship with Husky Corp., it always involves the healthy, open exchange of information. Husky has always kept Commerce Bank informed of its direction, changes and possible needs. Husky has always been open to listen to ideas regarding bank products, such as tax-exempt financing for a building expansion.”

Intensive planning, a healthy balance sheet and working in a professional manner helps Husky Corp., to secure the loans it needs for developing fueling products, fuel nozzles, DEF products and much more.

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Monday, February 9, 2015

The Husky/Enevo Monitoring System

Enevo is changing the way liquid tanks are being filled today. The game-changing tank monitoring alarms have become easier to access due to the well-planned partnership with Husky Corporation. The scalable monitoring system for liquid storage tanks uses state-of-the-art sensors with sonic technology to not only read liquid levels, but to also record them remotely. This innovation takes fueling products to a new level, by making the fuel supply process easier and cost-effective.

Tank Monitoring Alarm Advantages


The leading global provider of smart logistics, Enevo now brings this wireless tank monitoring system to liquid tank applications. These tank monitoring alarm devices boast the following advantages:

• Smart routing – the system creates an optimized service route which prioritizes which tanks require immediate attention, and which ones do not, so truck routing can be adjusted accordingly. That reduces costs and offers a clear advantage over route-based tank deliveries.

• Demand planning – from the logistics gathered and analyzed, accurate predictions are made on how much liquid will be needed at each location. Delivery trucks know how much fuel each tank will need. That effectively minimizes surprises on the road and saves money at the same time.

• Real-time updates – due to the wireless capacity, monitoring can be done anywhere. The system is then able to react to the spikes in usage and send timely alerts to the dispatcher.

Even in harsh conditions, the Enevo tank monitoring alarm system can accurately measure tank levels. The system makes running an operation smooth, effective, and easy. For more information on this unique product contact Husky at or at 800-325-3558.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Husky’s Polymer DEF Nozzle Meets UL Standards

Husky Corporation proudly produces the only DEF Polymer nozzles that meet UL safety standards for the United States. That means the DEF Polymer Nozzle is acceptable for dispensing on fueling islands. With island dispensing likely to increase in the coming years due to the growing number of diesel powered vehicles requiring DEF, UL listing for this specific type of lightweight nozzle and other DEF products has come at an opportune time.

Features and Benefits


The DEF Polymer Nozzle is engineered with the following features and benefits:

• Lighter than stainless steel nozzles

• Equipped with StreamShaper® to combat turbulence and lessen splash back spillage

• Automatically shuts off when the DEF tank is full

• Flow characteristics lessen DEF crystallization

• Less expensive and more durable 

UL Testing


At just 1.5 pounds, thanks to a durable Acetal body, this nozzle is incredibly light and easy to handle. This particular DEF product has undergone rigorous UL testing for the following aspects:

• Long term exposure to aggressive fluids

• Long term exposure to extreme temperatures

• Electrical continuity

• High pressure

• Cycle repetition without failure For more information about this latest DEF product to earn the UL label, visit Husky’s website or call 800-325-3558.